What is SoloTurist.com? 

It is a new social media-networking website that specializes in connecting travelers.  SoloTurist.com is also a community of individuals who love to travel by every travel means there are.  They love to travel between global locations.  Everyone who wants to find a partner to travel with – are welcome here.


At SoloTurist.com, registering is an uncomplicated process.  There is a quick registration form to fill out. It just doesn’t get much easier than that.  You need to be 18 or over to visit or use this website.   After your registration has been confirmed, just fill out your online profile and upload it with a picture to go with your profile. Then you are on the way to meeting the perfect travel-dating companion for you.


Search and explore thousands of real members in our database from all over the world.  We bring you a database with thousands of profiles single travelers who you are able to review and connected with. Make the most out of using all the resources that we offer for free online dating, and have fun finding partners to travel with.

You can then interact with any person you find interesting and plan exciting trips for travel dating with them. Everyone hates to travel alone and there are thousands of singles that have the same feeling as you do about traveling alone. Our website was developed to explicitly bridge that gap and make a safe place for singles to meet. Our website links you with hundreds of singles you can get to know better and find your travel partners. You are able to share your thoughts about traveling on your profile and others that match your inclinations will get in touch with you. 


Now that you are linked and are planning an agreed on trip for travel dating, you are free to exchange contact information or communicate by our website to plan all the details of their trip. 

Remember to use your Good Judgment

Note:  Don’t forget that any type of online dating can be hazardous and we constantly advise that our members use their better judgment when meeting any stranger online. We advise that you read our section on Travel Tips of this website before using our website.


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