Attractive Girls for Travel

travel girls, travelgirls in beach having fun There is something new in social network websites.  It’s a dating website with a twist.  You are not matched by religion, age or gender – no, with this new website, you are matched by where you are going on vacation this summer.   Seriously – not kidding.  It’s a travel website devoted to singles who love to travel.   This seems to be the fastest growing co-operative in online dating currently on the internet.  It’s travel dating, or to be more specific, solo girls for travel.solo travel girl on travel dating

 This is the new way to meet generous travelers who are looking for a travel companion – looking for solo girls for travel.  This is marketed as the newest and hottest in dating sites that matches wealthy travelers with attractive solo girls for travel (or guys).  If you are a regular traveler you can search, find and meet sexy travel mate, a hot travel companion or beautiful travel buddy.  If you love to travel but lack the resources, this site matches you with a traveling benefactor or they help you to earn frequent flyer miles that later may be redeemed for free travel, free airline or free rooms.  So if you are an attractive girl or guy who loves to travel but don’t have the money or who have the money but don’t like to travel alone this is the website to sign up at.
 Who needs money when you are attractive – you can travel for free.  If you are a generous traveler such as a doctor, lawyers, athlete, millionaire or busy executive who has to travel but hates to do it alone – find an attractive girl or guy to take with you.

sexy girl for travel But nothing like this comes without its controversy – people who feel that this is less about girls for travel and more about high priced escort service.  But that’s not stopping attractive solo girls for travel and men from trying it out and who are quite happy to rely on the generosity of strangers.   One such site is reporting that seventy percent of their 16, 000 users have signed up since the site went live and list themselves as “attractive” members just looking for someone who is “generous’ to take them on the trip of a lifetime. Now come on people, open your eyes, when someone is willing to spend thousands or maybe even more to take an attractive man or woman travel dating, don’t you think they just might be expecting something in return, aside from some dancing and witty after dinner conversation?
Its seems that we are selling attractiveness and beauty as the way to get everything in life that you need – doesn’t seem quite right does it.   What about those girls who aren’t attractive who actually might have the more attractive personalities – do they just get left out in the cold?   But the site does offer time to get to know the travel girls before traveling.
 This is like hitching a ride and dating at the same time – which is a combination or recipe for disaster – besides in today’s world – hitching a ride with strangers can get a solo girl for travel in some dangerous situations.  So travel girls get to know your travel companion before you leave on that trip.  By the way, have fun!